The world is large and difficult; no child should have to face it alone.  Foster youth need support from a caring community of businesses and individuals. 

That is the guiding tenet of Gift for a Child, a nonprofit organization providing loving support and solutions to every day challenges faced by  children in foster care.  Our programs are designed to help at critical points in foster care – education support and achievement, advocacy, offering guidance and mentoring, and financial support.  We are the non profit organization that is known for our presence.

Join us in providing children without families Solutions for Success. Your gift may be the solution that changes the life of a child in foster care.

Improving Permanency: Since 2005, thanks to the generous support of business partners, faith-based organizations, individual donors and corporate sponsors, Gift for a Child has served over 1,500 foster youth.  Adoption, foster care and advocacy events to raise awareness about the need for caring adults to help children in foster care.

Preparing Youth for the Future: In 2006, we expanded our impact to focus on meeting the needs of older youth transitioning out of foster care. Not all of the children we served were being adopted and child welfare agencies were starting to experience resource and program reductions. Program funding reductions continue to limit the ability of government agencies to help prepare foster youth for higher education attainment, seeking a job or transitional living skills.

Mobilizing Individuals and Businesses: Over the last few years corporations, financial institutions, educators, housing and healthcare institutions joined our cause to help launch Real Life Prep to help support and provide coaching and individual life skills training to older foster youth graduating from high school.


Rene Gunn, Founder and Executive Director, is an adoptive parent and wanted to share with her community the joy and amazement her child has brought to her family. With the help of three other adoptive parents, she wanted to give children in need of homes an advantage – a way to bring them closer to their forever family.


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  • We Gift Time: Our volunteer force deposits their time for a specific date, time or event. Corporations donate a team of individuals to commit community services hours for an outreach activity on behalf of children in foster care
  • We Gift Talents:  From professional photography, dining adventures, writing a child’s life story, driving lessons, hair make over, cooking lessons, music lessons, lending professional advice and more, everyone has a valuable skill to share
  • We Gift Goods: From gift cards to technology and even book publishing, every gift means something special to a youth  foster care
  • We Gift Events: Corporations donate their organization or a team of individuals to commit to a specific outreach activity on behalf of children in foster care.