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Congratulations on an awesome event! I had a blast, already looking forward to next year! — Sully

Thanks so much for putting on the great AquaRun yesterday.  Swimming to Vashon Island and back was such a sense of accomplishment for me.  My swim time was really slow compared to all those life long swimmers I was swimming with but it was motivation for me to get my butt back in the water.  I had a playful seal swim with me for some of the return which was a first and really cool.  Swimmers are such a nice group of people and it really felt like a family affair seeing so many familiar faces.  Thanks for creating a category for me and I’m glad 6 others opted to do it as well.  Was good to test out my cold legs after a long swim.  Kerry enjoyed her run and I think the kids had fun too with registration and being run “pointers.” — Jason

Thanks for running this great swim. Everything was perfect!! Hope this is the new location for future AquaRuns. — Steve

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a fabulous event.  I won’t lie – it kicked my booty – but it was so much fun, and for such a great cause.  I thought the “recycling” of old medals was so cool, and while I’m not much of a medal person, definitely treasure this one.  The give aways were really cool, too, so neat pretty much everyone got a “door prize”. Everything was so great and fun, and seeing how much you sincerely cared about the event was just great.  It really added something to the day. Thank you, again! — Jessica

I was soooooooooo glad to be a part of your event. It was beautiful weather and AWESOME people. Great motivation and reconnecting with point defiance.  Thank you for asking. Anytime you’ve got something going on and can use help just give me a heads up!!!! Great successful event Mrs. Zena. — Trishia

Thank you so much for organizing such a great event!  In all my years of open water swimming in the Seattle area, this was my first Sound swim.  I couldn’t have asked for better conditions and any better organization for my first dip into the Sound.  This was also the coldest water I had ever swum in – another first.  I’m hooked – this was such a blast.  And, to top it off, this was all for a great cause as well.  I know you would have been swimming if you weren’t organizing so I want to thank you for giving up your swim so we could all do it.  Let’s hope for an even bigger turnout next year! — Karen


Zena:  You did a nice job on this event.

The picture in the TNT is a little bit scary and I have been receiving many emails this morning.

Nonetheless, it was a very well run event and was fun. You gave a nice spirit to it.

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Thanks again for a great race!! I think my feet are just about thawed out. :) Thanks! — KL

Congratulations…on pulling off an amazing event! — Pat D, Federal Way, WA

Great fun yesterday! Thanks. — Scott L, Burien, WA

I am truly impressed by your initiative in organizing your own race to ‘make a difference.’ — Cathy S, Kirkland, WA

Again, congratulations on a job VERY well done, Zena!! I hope you get some relaxation in now. You deserve it! — Guila M, Seattle, WA

Zena, you organized a really great, professionally-run event!  Congratulations to you!!!! — Nellis K, Federal Way, WA

Very nice – way to go. — Julie M, Auburn, WA